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2017-Directors on Directing

Directors on Directing (4m) Directed by Damien Patrik United States Comedy What's a movie without explosions?

2017-Shanghai Faders

Shanghai Faders (10m) Directed by A.J. Gordon United States Sci-Fi / Horror A journey through time and space in old Portland.

2017-No Soliciting

No Soliciting (13m) Directed by Voki Kalfayan United States Nevada A singing telegram girl connects with a lonely man.

2017-Scare Me

Scare Me (13m) Directed by Mark Stephens United States Nevada A conspiracy theory host is confronted with a mystery.

2017-My Lor Bak

My Lor Bak (3m) Directed by Khairul Arifin Malaysia Student Cultures clash between generations.


Entropic (12m) Directed by Sebastian Savino United States Student Universes collide in the quest for meaning.

2017-The Lock-In

The Lock-In (20m) Directed by Will Norris and Craig Gallivan United Kingdom Comedy The love and fury of two barkeeps.

2017-Brentwood Strangler

Brentwood Strangler (18m) Directed by John Fitzpatrick Australia Sci-Fi / Horror A blind date taken to a literal end.

2017-Help Me Obi-Wan

Help Me Obi-Wan (4m) Directed by Michael Tushaus United States Nevada A father connects with his daughter in a nerdy way.

2017-Beat Around the Bush

Beat Around the Bush (12m) Directed by Brianne Nord-Stewart Canada Comedy It's never too late to explore the mysteries of the orgasm.